Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) means Universal Life Energy. Reiki is a non-invasive, very old, hands-on healing modality that originated in Japan. It is practiced all over the world, and has no religious affiliation or connotation.

Reiki enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself, promotes relaxation, and helps restore balance to all parts of the body: emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical.

Reiki has many, many benefits; these are just a few:

  • Helps alleviate stress and anxiety

  • Assists with healing from illness, injury, and surgery

  • Promotes deep relaxation

  • Helps detox the body

  • Releases blocked and suppressed feelings to promote emotional healing

  • Helps relieve chronic pain

  • Assists with transition to the next plane of existence (for both humans and animals)

Really, there isn’t anything that Reiki can’t help with!

Each of us has energy centers in our body, called chakras. There are 7 main chakras that run down the center line of the body, from the top of your head to the tip of your tailbone. Each of these governs various parts of your anatomy, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being. During a Reiki session, my primary focus will be on these 7 main chakras, and I have 2 goals for them: clear out any blocks that may be present and make sure they are all the same size. I want you to leave your session feeling clear and balanced. That being said, I also take an intuitive approach in my sessions and go wherever else I am guided to treat you outside of those 7 main chakras. This could include your joints, random areas on the body, or even out into your aura.

What is a session like?

Each session is unique, as Reiki will always adapt to your specific needs. So even if you’ve had a Reiki session before, your experience in your current session may be different than previously.  We are all humans trekking our way through life and dealing with all of its ups and downs, so no two sessions will ever be the same.

In-person sessions usually take place on a massage table and you will be covered by a sheet and blanket so you can be cozy and relaxed (I also use a table warmer to keep you comfortable as your body cools as you relax). You will remain fully clothed during your session, and I will gently rest my hands on various parts of your body. (Side note: there is no intimate touching involved in Reiki. That’s a completely different service, and one that I do not offer. Yep, I’ve had people ask, so I just want to put that out there.)  You’ll spend about 2/3 of your session time laying on your back so that I can work the front of the body (and front of your chakras); you’ll then flip onto your stomach so that I can work the back of the body and back of your chakras.

Your job during your session is pretty simple: relax, let go of expectations, and receive. (Easier said than done some days, I know!) That being said, you may feel sensations (warmth, tingling, cold, etc.) during your session or you may feel nothing at all. You may also cry or laugh during your session. Both of those are just your body’s way of releasing energy. (I tend to be a crier during my own Reiki sessions.) Whatever needs to happen, just let it happen. Our session together is a completely judgement-free zone.

After your session, you may feel a little light-headed, similar to when you get a physical massage. So move slowly, and take your time getting up off the table. Be sure to drink plenty of water for a day or 2 after your session; we’ve moved a lot of energy around, so we need to ensure you’re adequately hydrated. And similar to physical massage, regular Reiki sessions are a great way to maintain your personal wellness and balance within the body.

Because Reiki is so adaptable, sessions can also be done with folks sitting in a chair (this is how I do my mini Reiki sessions) or even laying in a bed (for those that are immobile).

And for those of you not local to me, I also offer Reiki via Distance Healing, so no matter where you are, I can help you! You can read more about Distance Reiki here.

How much is a session?

If this is your first session with me, your 1-hour session is just $45. After that, the current regular prices are $45 (30 minutes) and $65 (60 minutes).

Refer a friend and save $10 on your next 1-hour Reiki session with me!

Can I learn how to be a Reiki practitioner?

Absolutely! I teach and certify practitioners in Usui Reiki Levels I, II, and Master/Teacher. I try to schedule at least 1 class per month. I am also open to scheduling private classes for those that can’t make it to the classes currently on the calendar. I will also travel to teach small groups that would like to take a class together at a location of their choosing. Reiki classes are held in-person ONLY, as there is no such thing as distance attunements for Reiki practitioners. You can read more about that here.


Reiki is not a replacement for any traditional medical treatments. It is, however, a great complement to any other medical treatment you are pursuing, so it can be incorporated into any wellness program.