Oracle Card Readings


Most people are familiar with tarot cards. All tarot card decks follow the same structure with suits, number cards, etc. and each tarot deck contains the same number of cards.

Oracle card decks are more free-form. Each deck is unique to its creator’s imagination. And each deck can contain a different number of cards, different structure, etc.

But the purpose of an oracle card reading is the same as a tarot card gain insight or guidance regarding your particular question or situation.

If you enjoy reading cards, you should choose whichever deck and style (tarot or oracle) resonates with you. I enjoy tarot, and am learning more about it. My own personal collection of decks contains both tarot cards and oracle cards.

I personally love the flexibility of oracle cards, and I enjoy using them for readings for other people. The picture included here is the deck that I currently use for public readings. When I got the deck and used it for the first time, I immediately felt a connection to the cards, and I find them very easy to connect with every time I use them.

I offer individual oracle readings using a 7-card spread, and each reading lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. If you’re looking for a fun night in, I also offer oracle card parties. During the parties, I offer 3 card mini readings to each guest, and the party host for the evening gets his/her reading that night for free!

Individual 7 card readings are $45 and mini readings are $20.