Reiki-Infused Crystal Healing Jewelry

To provide some “healing on the go”, I create crystal healing jewelry that is infused with Reiki healing energy.

Crystals have metaphysical properties that can aid in healing. All of these items are handmade by me using real crystal gemstones. I offer bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and amulets. Please visit the shop to see the currently available designs!

Custom pieces are one of my most favorite things to create, whether the item is for you or is to be a gift for someone you love. We’ll work together to design the perfect piece! For custom orders, I can create a piece for a particular intention (such as Abundance), or I can create something to address your specific energy needs. Each of your 7 main chakras have certain crystals associated with them. So I can check in with your energy (or the recipient’s energy) and see which of your chakras need some love, and then design something specifically for you!

Since each piece is unique, and the cost of crystals and materials varies greatly, each piece is priced individually.