I had asked Alicia to make me a bracelet a few months back. Life had been taking a toll on me & it was starting to affect many other things around me, including my lack of focus & doubt in myself when it came to my business.
I trusted in her abilities & had no input whatsoever in what she was going to make (other than advising her what my current challenges were). Once I received my package, I was beyond elated with the beauty of it, but also the heartfelt note she had added to the package as well. She took the time to explain what each bead meant & why she chose to make what she made personally for me!
This may sound crazy, but within a few days of wearing the bracelet, things started to look up!!! And I even got a promotion in my business and reached a milestone that I had been trying for for years! I truly believe, it was the good juju Alicia put into my bracelet, lol!
— Linda C.
I took a Reiki 1 Certification class with Alicia in January. It was a wonderful experience and I appreciate that she keeps the class very small. She was able to personalize the information as well as answer all of my questions. I was extremely comfortable with Alicia and the entire process. She is professional, but also compassionate and understanding. I highly recommend her as a Reiki practitioner as well as a teacher!
— Lori B.
I have been going to Alicia for a few months now on a regular basis for Reiki. It has been amazing. Alicia’s presence from the moment you see her is so comforting. It is clear that she is focused on truly helping people. I recently had her make a custom bracelet for me and it is perfect. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to do Reiki.
— Heather A.
I am so pleased with the fertility bracelet that Alicia specifically made for me. It arrived in no time. Not only was it beautiful but my favorite part was the personalized note that was included. It explained the crystals she chose and the meaning behind each one. I wore the bracelet every day for a month and it gave me a sense of calmness, hope, and light. We were over the moon to find out that in such a short amount of time, we conceived a baby naturally! I can not thank you enough!
— Jen G.
Alicia is awesome! She is the real deal! I love her energy, so calming and compassionate. I literally almost fell asleep while she was doing a Reiki session on me. I didn’t want to leave!
— Julie H.
Alicia is a warm, compassionate woman. Her work with crystals is amazing. Her crafting of bracelets and other jewelry is awesome. Always beautiful and filled with meaning.
— Sue W.
Just received my bracelet made personally for me by my friend Alicia Mastrangelo who is a Reiki Master. Not only did she find that I had 3 chakras blocked (so me / right on target) the bracelet is infused with Reiki energy and positive intention specifically for me! So exciting. Everyone needs one.
— Pam V.